50th Leadership

The 50th Anniversary year would not have been possible without the help of so many generous people in our community. Thank you to everyone who donated time, creativity, sponsorships, and funds to support the celebration of 50 years of The Athenian School. Special thanks go out to the leadership teams for their enormous contributions.

50th Anniversary Leadership Committee

Dick Bradford, Head of Upper School
Eleanor Dase, Former Head of School
Gabe Del Real, Dean of Upper School Curriculum
Sarah Freedman '05, Director of Marketing & Community Engagement
Candace Kirmse, APA Board Member
Susan Nebesar, Trustee
Eric Niles, Head of School
Patrick Toohey Quinn '84, Alumni Council Member
Allie Rowe, Director of Development
Karen Sanford, Former Faculty Member
Marci Scott, Stewardship and Events Manager
Tom Swope, Former Dean of Students and Faculty

Alumni Council

Sarah Ames '05
Sarah Freedman '05
David Gaines '83
Justine Jane't '07
John Kohler '88
Kerry Marsh '86
Marnye Langer '81
Jamahn Lee '94
Angel Lewis '92, President
Matt Okazaki '06
Patrick Toohey Quinn '84
Bryna Winchell Ross '84

Alumni Wilderness Experience Leadership

Jason Ham 
Emily McDonnell '04
Athenian Alumni Council

Gala Leadership

Carolyn Barr, Chair
Odette Kardek, Chair
Catherine Yewell, Chair

Golden Jubilee

Patrick Toohey Quinn '84, Chair 

"Why Athenian?" Round Table Series

Eleanor Dase
Steve Davenport
Gabe Del Real

Photography & Art Exhibits

Sally Baker
Mark Mendelson
Pat Quinn '84
Karen Sanford
Niki Stefanelli
Tom Swope

Kickoff Day Carnival

Audrey Annison ‘16
Mateo Galguera ‘16  
Paula Jurado ’16
Nancy Nagramada
Cade Niles ‘16

Dani Oswood
Irena Volkov ‘16 

Media & Events Crew

Emily Arroyo '17, digital media and event prep
Hunter Barr '17, digital media and event prep
Abant Berke '17, digital media
Judyth Collin, print media & events
Jordon Dabney '17, 50-week countdown
Amalia Gradie '17, digital media and event prep
Ethan Gross '17, 50-week countdown
Mackenzie Hoult '17, 50-week countdown
Sofia Kavanaugh '17, digital media
Boris Korablev '17, 50-week countdown
Katie Kwak '16, digital media
Mark Mendelson, tech and design
Elizabeth Newey '11, events
Fiona Plunkett '17, digital timeline
Gabby Rigby '15, digital media
Peter Tamaribuchi, video
Adam Thorman and the advanced photography class, photography
Kenna Van Steyn '17, digital timeline
Susan Zic, events

Special Thanks

As you can see, many volunteers helped us create a celebratory year because of their love for Athenian. We especially want to thank Dyke Brown's family for their enduring dedication to Athenian, the Board of Trustees for their vision, and most importantly, the students of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, for they will always be the life of the School.
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