Future of Athenian

Dyke Brown's vision for Athenian 50 years ago was ahead of its time; the emphasis he placed on developing the whole person is now a proven model in the field of education. Collectively, we have learned a lot from the last half century, and we carry this knowledge and experience with us as we plan for the future of Athenian education. 

Perhaps in 2065, flexible schedules and honoring the life and sleep rhythms of students will be the new norm for schools. Maybe by then, the silos in which our disciplines traditionally operate will be opened.  We don't know what 2065 will bring, but we do know that the Athenian of the future will continue to be a leader in innovative and progressive education. 

Here, we share ideas for the School's future as we continue to be leaders in education that inspires lives of intellectual adventure and meaningful contribution.

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  • Create Spaces and Programs that Best Support Educational Excellence and Innovation

    Bringing People Together: Core classes will move to the center of campus to foster collaboration, communication, and connection. 

    Best Uses of Technology: Athenian will continue to nimbly support learning with new and changing technologies.

    Blending Indoor and Outdoor Space: Our Campus Master Plan will put a new innovation-making space at our front door, provide flexible classrooms and more gathering areas, and preserve our view shed at the base of Mt. Diablo.
  • Deepening Connections in the Athenian Community

    Equity and Inclusion: Recognizing that rich learning comes from a diverse and equitable community, Athenian will define and secure resources to strengthen its commitment to access and affordability. 

    Community: Athenian will integrate its families, alumni, and alumni parents more completely into its community, inviting a lifelong connection to the School. 

    Boarding Program: Athenian will increase the boarding population to help create a more diverse community, serving our mission of international understanding.  We will find ways to more fully integrate the boarding population with day students in order to foster lasting friendships and learning.
  • Educational Leadership and Innovation

    Experiential and Disciplinary Learning: Athenian will continue to redefine academic rigor to meet the needs of today's students through a curriculum that is interdisciplinary, inquiry- and project-based, experiential, and student-driven. 

    Teaching Excellence: Athenian will nurture teaching excellence by hiring, developing, and evaluating a dedicated faculty who know their students deeply and prepare them for the challenges of college and beyond. 

    Innovation: Athenian will further incorporate practices that encourage innovation into our School culture, such as Design Thinking and interdisciplinary learning, as we continue to be a leader in progressive education. 
  • Impact Our World

    Partnerships: Athenian will engage with the broader community to forge lasting local, regional, and international partnerships. 

    Environment: Athenian will continue to be a leader in environmental stewardship, building on our great achievements in creating a sustainable campus.

    Global Connections: Athenian students will be empowered as global citizens to solve problems and to build community wherever they may reside. 

    Communication Skills: Athenian will continue to nurture foundational life skills in its students so they possess the capacity to tackle complex problems, listen with openness to integrate divergent ideas, and communicate in order to inspire others. 
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