"Why Athenian?" Round Table Series

Revolutionary at the time, many of Dyke Brown's ideas from 50 years ago prove to be at the forefront of today's educational theory and pedagogy. Join us to discuss the past, present, and future of our School as we consider the question of "Why Athenian?" Come share your thoughts of these panel discussions moderated by Gabe del Real, Upper School Dean of Curriculum. Panels will include current and former teachers, alumni, and community members. 

The Round Table Series will be at 7pm in the Center for the Arts. These events are free for the whole community and light refreshments will be provided.

The Founding of Athenian

November 10, 2015
In the first discussion, we investigated the founding of the School and why Dyke Brown saw a need in the young people of the early 60s and developed an educational vision to address that need. 

Dick Bradford, Head of Upper School
Eleanor Dase, Former Head of School
Tina Nott, Middle School Faculty
Jim Riley '71
Tom Swope, Former Faculty & Dean of Students

Athenian of Today

February 2, 2016
In the second discussion, we explored the relevance of the School today.  Many of the same needs exist, and some even more so.  

Julia Borchers '20
Paula Jurado '16
Mark Lukach, Dean of 9th Grade Instruction
Sven Miller, Middle School Faculty
Eric Niles, Head of School
Dave Welsh, Incoming Board Chair
Bryna Winchell Ross '84

The Future of Athenian

May 3, 2016
The third discussion delved into the future of Athenian. What challenges are on the horizon that Athenian's mission and vision of education will continue to meet? What current educational theories and discoveries can inform our vision of the future?

Kalyan Balaven, Dean of Equity and Inclusion
Lisa Haney, Dean of Faculty Development
Jamahn Lee '94
Dina Mehta '16
Eric Niles, Head of School
Dani Oswood, Assistant Director of Athletics
Lauren Railey, Head of Middle School
Laura Victorino, Trustee and Parent
Nia Warren '16

The Founding of Athenian

Athenian of Today

Athenian of the Future

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